2-5-18 Stand Out

The week before I came to college before my freshman year, I went over to my grandparent’s house. It was my last chance to spend time with them since I would only get to come back home during long breaks and the summer. Before I left their house, my grandpa gave me a framed picture of an albino deer that he took a few years ago.

My grandparents have a cabin in upper Wisconsin and my grandpa loves photography. He takes thousands of pictures to share with other people. One winter, he traveled to a different part of Wisconsin and happened to shoot a perfect picture of an albino deer. An albino deer is just like a regular white-tailed deer except their skin is completely white.

Here is what he told me when he gave me the framed picture:

“Every time I show people the albino deer picture, they mention how amazing the animal is. They stare in awe of the beauty of this creature that few people have the privilege to ever come across in their lives. Be like the albino deer. Make your resume so outstanding that people can’t help but stare in amazement. Stand out from everyone else. Live your life in a way that people can’t help but notice there is something great about you. When you stand out, people can’t help but hire you or make you a part of their team.”

I still have this framed picture in my dorm room. When I look at it, it reminds to stand out. It reminds me to work hard every day so that no one will want to pass me up in the future.

Be an albino deer.

Work hard.

Stand Out.

Be so phenomenal at being you that others can’t help but watch in amazement.

It is hard to be noticed when you blend in with everyone else.


What will you do today that will make you stand out?


I appreciate you.


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