12-4-17 Technology

Many weeks ago, I was at the Q union event on campus. One of the speakers streamed was Kara Powell and she talked about technology in today’s society. As technology becomes more advanced, there are benefits and downfalls with having phones and computers for everyday use. They help us connect with others and get more done. The problem is if we need technology to be okay.

The dependence on technology has produced an increase in followers, but fewer real friends. There is more productivity, but less personhood.

You have to ask yourself if phones and social media are a supplement or substitute for love.

Are they adding to your relationships or are they replacing your relationships?

Use technology to benefit your relationships. A phone is great for keeping in touch with friends far away, but don’t make it the only way to communicate with the friends or family you see every day. Don’t make it a substitute for spending quality time with others. Take the time to have conversations with people in your life. Talk to them instead of text. Take the time to look others in the eye, instead of looking at your phone.

Be present.

I’m not saying that phones are totally bad. They are great for staying connected with others when you aren’t around them. Just be smart about when you choose to use your phone. If you can’t survive without your phone then it may be time for a reality check. If you need your phone to “be okay” then it is probably replacing your relationships instead of adding to them. Disconnect from social media or take time away from your phone if you have to.

Use technology as a supplement, not a substitute.

Is technology adding to your relationships or replacing them?


I appreciate you.


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