12-18-17 Where are Your Efforts?

First off, I apologize for not sending a Monday Motivation last week. I got really sick on Sunday and Monday and just wasn’t feeling very well.

I type this week’s message inspired after just watching the new Star Wars movie. Of the many moments that stood out to me in this movie, a quote from Rose hit me:

“We need to spend time fighting to save those we love instead of fighting against those we are trying to destroy.”

That is a very loose translation because I don’t remember the exact quote. Rose did make me think about how I carry myself and live my life.

Am I putting my effort into proving myself against my enemies?

Am I putting my effort into building relationships with my friends and family whom I love?

Am I wasting my efforts on those fighting against me?

I think we can all ask ourselves the same questions.

Do you put so much effort into arguing with others that it doesn’t do you any good?

Do you put as much effort into helping those you care about as you do making sure others know you are right?

Where do you put your efforts?

There are always going to be people pushing against you. They are fueled by your fear and insecurity. They love to see you flustered and frustrated. They are satisfied when you take your focus away from your mission and fight them. They don’t even care about winning the fight against you. They just want you to waste your time on them.

Focus on those you care about. Focus on your purpose. Focus on your family and friends. Protecting those close to you is going to do a lot more for you than trying to win one random battle or argument. Family and friends are always worth your time.

Whether you are fighting the First Order with the Resistance or standing up for your friend, channel your efforts. Stand up for yourself and those that matter, but analyze your efforts. Are you adequately standing up for someone/something or wasting your time? Don’t listen to the critics around you because there will always be people against you. Build up those who support you and push you forward. They will be there when you are at the bottom and the top. The critics will be in your ear when they see you rising. When you are gaining some momentum, they want to be there to knock you back down. Don’t be discouraged when people are talking bad about you because that means you are probably getting somewhere.

Put your efforts towards those you love, not against those you are battling.

I appreciate you.



I won’t send a Monday Motivation next week because it is Christmas. Enjoy time with your family and celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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