1-29-18 Ask

Andrew “Big Meech” Ayers and I were talking the other night about things that make us excited. He shared a video of a speech by Steve Harvey called, “Take the Limits off of God.”

Here is the link if you want to watch the whole 26-minute speech:



Steve brings up the idea that we set limits on what God will do for us. We ask God for the little things that will help us get by, but we don’t ask God to work out our dreams. Steve says, “The real life God has for you is in your imagination, not in your current situation or paycheck. You are restricting yourself.”

I know that you have dreams that God has placed on your heart. Maybe those aren’t just dreams, but goals and callings. Some of you want to be coaches and others want to be authors. Why don’t we start asking God to make that a reality?

James 4:2-3 states, “You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”

If you have the right intentions at heart, why not ask God to use His magic? “Faith is things hoped for, not the evidence of things seen.” Have faith that God can make your imagination real life.

At the age of 10, Steve Harvey wrote down that he wanted to be on TV. Steve had a bad stutter at that age so to his teachers and peers it looked like an impossible dream. Now look where he is.

You can’t just sit and ask God for these big goals. You have to get after them yourself. The more you put in work, the more God can work with your dream. You have to put yourself in positions that challenge you and make you better. God will be right there with you.

Most of you know that I want to write a book someday and become a motivational speaker of some kind. Not one day goes by where I don’t think about that. That dream is more than a dream for me. I know that I am called to inspire others and help them reach their full potential. I can picture myself speaking to thousands of people in packed halls and arenas. I ask God to prepare me for that moment. I ask Him to make my imagination a reality. Someday, I hope that I can look back and say that I knew God was going to come through because I asked Him to fulfill my calling and I worked to put myself in that position.

“Your imagination is God showing you a preview of what God has for you” Only you can see it. Don’t let others squash that dream. Don’t let the barriers and challenges take away that vision. There are people in the world who will tell you that you aren’t likely to reach your dreams. They will say that you are being naïve and ridiculous. Be careful who you share your imagination with. You know who will encourage you. If you want someone to support you and dream with you, talk to me.

Don’t only make requests within the confines of your current situation.

Give God something to work with. Start the hustle and grind so God can start working.

What are you dreaming about?

Why don’t you ask for it?


I appreciate you.


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