9-25-17 Misfits

We’re All Misfits


On Thursday, a few of us went to the Andy Mineo concert here in Nashville. The opening act for Andy’s concert was Social Club Misfits. Social Club Misfits is a Christian rap duo from Miami. Marty and Fern, aka Social Club, call themselves and their fans “Misfits”. They preach that we are all Misfits, each different than every other person in this world. The term “misfit” commonly carries a negative connotation:


We think that it is bad to be set apart from everyone else.

We think it is bad to be different.

We think that we need to be just like those who are successful, smart, charismatic, etc.

Society tells us that we need to fit in as much as possible.


Social Club says that we are all designed to be misfits. God created each of us in our own special way. Just because you are a misfit doesn’t mean you are any less than another. You are meant to be different from everyone else.


In case you don’t know, I have a major man crush on Justin Timberlake. I have spent hours trying to teach myself his dance moves and even more hours singing his songs in my car with Austin. As much as I try to be like JT, I will never match his ability to sing, dance, and act. As much as I try, I won’t be exactly like this phenomenal human being, especially since I sing as well as a rock. Compared to Justin Timberlake, I am a misfit.

We, including myself, have those Justin Timberlakes in our lives. We tell ourselves that if we were only like him or her, then everything would be better.


“If I were as pretty as her, then that boy would like me.”

“If I were as smooth as that guy, then that girl would go on a date with me.”

“If I had good grades, then my parents would appreciate me.”

“If I dress like them, then they will let me be their friend.”


As much as I try to be like “Justin Timberlake”, I’m not good at it. It’s not natural. I can only be Jared Peters from Normal, IL.


You are perfect as yourself. You are meant to be you. Don’t let other people tell you that you will be better if you are more like someone else. There is only one of you in this world. No one else can live that life for you. Likewise, you can’t live someone else’s life.  I believe God created you in His image and set you apart from the rest of the world. He created you individually. Whether you are religious or not, I know that there is no one like you. Don’t let that scare you. Embrace your identity, experiences, and quirks. They make you who you are.


We are all Misfits. Do YOU

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