11-20-17 CEO or Servant?

Bill Job spoke this week at the College of Business chapel. Job is the CEO of a stain glass company in China that has revenue of about $5 million each year. In China, there isn’t a dominant presence of Christians, but Job operates with a Christian perspective.  Job challenged us to ask if we are trying to be CEOs or servants? Are we trying to run our lives or is God the one in control?

Job finds that he has less problems with a $5 million company than when he had a $500 company. He began giving all of his problems to God instead of trying to control them himself. He changed from a CEO to a servant. Whenever his business has a problem, he tells God, “You have a big problem.” Instead of seeing it as his problem, he gives the problem to God. When he started giving the issues away, he noticed changes in his business. There was a period of months where Job didn’t have enough money to make payroll, but he saw God come through the day before, every time. God started giving him visions of designs and ideas to expand his business. He chooses to trust God with choices and God provides every time.

Are you the CEO or servant in your life?

Are you trying to control the problems in your life or giving them to God?

Who is in charge?

CEOs have everyone looking to them for guidance. They are expected to have the answers. They need to know what’s best for the company.

We don’t have all of the answers. We don’t know what the future holds. We can have an idea of what to do or what is best, but we don’t know how each decision will pan out. God does. God knows the answers. God knows what the future holds.

If we try to be the boss of our lives, we can only do as well as we are capable. We are limited by our human capabilities. The more we let God be the CEO, the better things will be.

Give your problems to God instead of trying to deal with them yourself. When you are given a last-minute assignment or seemingly insurmountable competition, look to God and tell him, “You have a big problem here.” He can solve the problem a lot better than you can. Be a servant. Listen to what God is telling you. Follow His lead and listen to His commands.

God is a pretty good CEO, so let Him do His job.

Be a servant.


I appreciate you.


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