11-13-17 Make A Sum

Every week, I close with the same quote and I want to explain it:

“Make a sum: add to the lives of those around you, don’t take away from them.”

Everyone wants to make a difference. You want to impact the lives of those around you. You want to make the world a better place.

Because I don’t want to be like anyone else, I came up with my own way of saying this: Make a Sum.

In the world of math, difference=subtraction and sum=addition.

Subtraction implies negativity and taking away from previous values. Addition implies positivity and adding to previous values. I want you to add to the lives of others instead of taking away from others.

Let’s say you are taking over a club or group. Instead of coming in and getting rid of everything they did before, build on top of the base they built up. Add to the mission they built before you to make it better.

Be positive. It will change your life. Be someone who others are happy to see. Be so optimistic that others can’t help but smile when they are around you. Don’t be the person that no one wants to be around because you bring the mood of the room down. Don’t discourage others from pursuing their dreams. Be someone who lifts up those around you.

Compliment others.

Be there when others need you.

Encourage others.

When you add to the world around you, you will start to see transformation. The people you are around, your team, and community will begin to trust each other. They will work together because they know that everyone around them is interested in making them better. Others will know that you care about them as a person.

This starts with you. You have to be intentional to make others better around you. At first it will take a lot of effort to look for ways to help others, but after a while it will become natural. Your instincts will grow susceptive to others in need. People will notice something is different about you.

You have the power to make people feel comfortable, happy, and appreciated. Add to their lives.

Make a sum: add to the lives of those around you, don’t take away from them.

I appreciate you.


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