Today or Tomorrow?

We all know that high achievers do things that others do not. Every person knows what it takes, but the Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates of the world follow through. They prioritize what it takes to be their best. They overcome that voice in their head that tells them to put off the work. They ignore the voice telling them that someone else will take care of it. The “doers” know they can be the ones to lead a project, start a business, or change the world. They don’t wait for someone else.

A big reason the average person doesn’t reach his or her full potential is hesitation and delay. They put off their good ideas and tell themselves it will happen later. The problem is later doesn’t always come. Hesitation increases fear. The longer you wait to act, the more you will be afraid and the less likely you will follow through.
When I feel lazy or unmotivated, I ask myself one question: “What can I do today that will make tomorrow easier?” For me, that ranges from working an extra hour in the “office” to cleaning out the gutters of my house.

For you that will look different.
-Are you going to finish that assignment that has been on your plate for weeks?
-Are you going to sleep or rest to let your body recover?
-Are you going to address that conflict with your friend?
-Are you going to work out today or wait until tomorrow?

Ignore the noise and take action.

This week, ask yourself: “What can I do today that will make tomorrow easier?”

I appreciate you.

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